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Werkstatt – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme Download

Werkstatt - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Surely you are looking for a good WordPress theme and we are sure that you have searched a lot for a good theme for your site and haven’t found it yet. We recommend you to try this beautiful template and we offer this template to you for free

Werkstatt – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme Download

WerkStatt is your chance to amaze your clients with the best looking theme out there. It’s not the same old portfolio theme that has the same old features. WerkStatt is a powerful theme that brings a unique touch.

UPDATE 4.7.2 – 01.04.2021

– Fixes page transition not working on some cases
– Fixes “Reset Variations” link
– Fixes masonry grid sizing
– Updated plugins
– Minor fixes

UPDATE – 13.02.2021

– Minor fixes

UPDATE 4.7.1 – 02.02.2021

– Fixes for One Page demo
– Minor fixes

UPDATE 4.7.0 – 18.01.2021

– New Demo, Bold Studio : https://werkstatt.fuelthemes.net/werkstatt-bold
– New Highlight Type element
– New Gradient Type element
– New Label element
– New Portfolio Styling option
– New Divider Style
– New Header Style
– Added Border Radious and Box Shadow for Row & Column elements
– Ability to always show Portfolio Titles
– Images for Button, Text Button, Video Lightbox, Portfolio Hover style selections
– Removed Instagram functionalities

UPDATE – 06.01.2021

– Fixes preloading issue
– Adds JetPack lazyloading compatibility

UPDATE – 03.01.2021

– Fixes a small bug in article featured image parallax
– Adds rel=”noreferrer” to social links
– Adds title=”” to some icons
– Updated language files

UPDATE – 23.12.2020

– Fixes a bug that caused loading issues on certain cases
– Smaller JS assets

UPDATE 4.6.3 – 22.12.2020

– WordPress 5.6 compatibility fixes
– Updated JS libraries
– Updated plugins
– Removed unnecessary WC template overrides
– Snap to rows now work with Elementor sections

UPDATE – 14.12.2020

– WordPress 5.6 compatibility fixes
– Added ‘werkstatt_post_metabox_pages’ filter
– Added ‘thb_lazy_load_exclude_classes’ filter
– Portfolio metaboxes now visible in Gutenberg

And a lot we won’t talk about for long

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